Clients & Successes
Five Peaks and its principal have successfully accelerated growth and profitability for companies around the world such as Digmarc, Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, InFocus Systems, and Pinnacle Licensing.    We leverage our proven expertise in Executive Leadership and Management, Strategy Development, Marketing, Operations Management, Services, Alliance Building, Licensing and Business Development to help individuals, teams, and businesses win.   We partner with you to create, establish and execute strategies, plans and processes for rapid, sustainable and profitable growth.  

Sample accomplishments include:

Executive Leadership and Management

  • Led strategic planning, worldwide marketing, and the services organization for major projector manufacturer, creating 6 X growth to create dominate market position and over $350 million in annual revenues
  • Created new operations and services organization in Singapore supporting Asia Pacific region for major software company
  • Developed and led strategy for wireless team communication systems company to penetrate commercial airline market leading to multi-million dollar system wide implementation with the leading US Airline and deployments with additional major commercial carriers around the world.
  • Created and led new presentation services businesses which provided digital presentation services in partnership with Microsoft
  • Led marketing and business development across audio, video and imaging markets  for major technology firm which grew 10X and sold for over $300 million.
  • Led turnaround of a stagnant business to return to profitability within 3 months, achieve more than 35% annual growth and return more than 15% of sales to shareholders.

Strategy Development

  • Created public policy strategy and program that helped specify enhanced requirements for identity credentials across the United States and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants for implementing enhanced ID’s.
  • Developed international technology licensing and partner program strategy for SaaS auditing firm to help it leverage its technology to increase revenues and profits.
  • Created licensing strategy and program for commercialization of watermarking technology that generated over $100 million in revenue and $60 million in strategic investment from major consumer electronics and IT companies.


  • Led worldwide marketing for software and web development tools company including designing and implementing marketing strategies, online marketing programs, and creating strategic business alliances that helped enable the business to grow 70% to over $130 million.
  • Created marketing strategy for communications company that enabled it to successfully enter several new vertical markets and increase revenue by more than 35 percent.
  • Developed new product strategy and positioning for start up SaaS healthcare company and helped company successfully negotiate large scale contracts with state healthcare agencies
  • Created marketing and growth strategies for digital media and technology company that grew by more than 10 X to over $120 million
  • Led all worldwide marketing including marketing strategy, product marketing, pricing, marketing communications, channel marketing and strategic alliances for projection equipment manufacturer to grow sales an average of over 60% per year.


  • Created and acted as Chairman of Digital Watermarking Association (DWA) industry trade group which consisted of 20 Digital Watermarking companies such as Dolby, Thomson, Philips Electronics, Verance, and Nielsen Media Research.   DWA helped drive successful market growth and adoption of watermarking technology by movie studios, record labels, and broadcast companies
  • Served as Vice Chairman and board member for the International Imaging Industry Association and helped them transition their focus and membership to digital and mobile initiatives.
  • Established Government Affairs Committee of the Document Security Alliance and acted as primary spokesperson for the organization (a group of 20 federal agencies such as Homeland Security, Secret Service, FBI, Department of State and 70 document industry companies) on legislative affairs and public policy including testifying for congress and acting as a key resource for the drafting of the SAFE ID Act and the REAL ID Act which made ID’s safer and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants to improve ID Security

Business Development & Licensing

  • Successfully created new market for wireless team communication solutions for commercial ground support, including negotiating multi-million dollar system wide deployment agreement with a major US Airline and gaining adoption for solutions at more than 80 airports across the US, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Created new licensing programs and successfully licensed technology on behalf of a group of imaging, media distribution and social networking technology companies.   Licensees included, Hulu, Pandora, Yahoo!, Real Networks, Sanyo, Pioneer, Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu and Netflix.
  • Established global business development team for technology company that generated over $100 million in license revenues and entered into licenses or strategic relationships with companies such as Nielsen, Philips Electronics, Verance, Macrovision (now Rovi) and Thomson Electronics.
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