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Bring our expertise to your business

We work with companies to accelerate growth, enter new markets, align operations for success and support the development of high performance teams. We leverage more than 25 years of success in profitably growing public and private businesses to help individuals, teams, and businesses achieve their potential and win in the market.  From start-ups and turn around situations to creating new businesses for multi-billion dollar companies, we work with you to create, establish and execute effective strategy, plans and processes for rapid, sustainable, and profitable growth.   

We work closely with organizations to:

  • Align Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Operating Plans
  • Create new market entry strategies
  • Accelerate growth
  • Develop and implement effective Go to Market strategies
  • Create successful product and service strategies
  • Align products, services, channels, and value propositions with customers and markets
  • Develop marketing strategy and help implement marketing plans
  • Establish strong channels of distribution
  • Build alliances and strategic partnerships
  • Technology licensing, negotiations and business development
  • Create powerful value and business propositions
  • Develop programs to help raise capital
  • Improve team performance and create high performance teams
We offer a range of services--all designed to help your organization reach its potential.  Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have will work with you and your team to create an effective strategy and solution.

Five Peaks provides a complete range of services including:

  • Management Consulting
  • Product and Service Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Business and Corporate Development
  • Technology Licensing
  • Interim Executive Leadership and Management
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